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About Caelestes Feles

Our Mission: Coven Caelestes Feles is a member coven of the Clan of the American Eagle, who trains clergy in the Sacred Order of the Black Forest tradition of Wicca, founded by Lady Silver Ravenwolf. Black Forest has clans and covens across North America and Europe with over 400 members, and a 20+ year history, with Pagan licensed clergy in The State of Texas and other U.S. states. We welcome all who earnestly seek to grow in connection to the Goddess and God through the Wiccan path, and are willing to dedicate to a three-to-five year, intensive study program with the goal of achieving licensed clergy status in Texas (or your state as local state law allows).

Black Forest is composed of a very diverse membership; women and men from all backgrounds, races, orientation, you name it! Black Forest, Clan of the American Eagle and Coven Caelestes Feles never, ever discriminates based on any these factors and has a zero-tolerance policy towards any such discrimination or harassment behavior. Please realize and understand that we are a very solid, and family oriented group. This means that we must be very careful about who becomes a Black Forest dedicant. We must take certain precautions, such as background checks, for that chain to remain a strong, safe environment for our members, and bring together those who are of like mind where our ways of practice are concerned.

You must be 18 to dedicate, and our members represent every age group, from 18 to seniors.

When we meet

Our coven meets with Clan of the American Eagle, usually in Deer Park, TX, every other Thursday at 7PM for classes during the regular school year (roughly Sept-June) on subjects ranging from Stonehenge to defensive magick, depending on the interest of the person teaching. Students research and present a 45-60 minute class on what interests them relative to our courses of study and practice. As a part of the clergy program you will eventually teach classes. Students may attend by telephone and/or Skype if circumstances prevent attendance in person. All handouts are posted on our members-only website for Coven students to study, with an archive that goes back to 2007.

This means that, while the Coven is in Seabrook, travel to classes and rituals around the Houston area will be required.

Wheel of the Year

We have open circle sabbats about eight times per year, based on the Wiccan holiday celebrations (above). Open circles allow members to bring family and other guests to participate in the ritual, celebration party, or both. As a part of the clergy program you will eventually write and perform sabbat rituals.

There will also occasionally be special meetings, workshops, and life-event rituals that members are expected to attend and support. Finally, there are annual meetings that require travel out of state.


About Witchcraft

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Human history has created some wild ideas that still persist about witchcraft, and witches in general. One extreme imagines dark, secret rituals with sinister intent, curses being cast on the unwary designed to bring about their undoing. The opposite extreme draws witches as caricatures, with images of children dressed in their pointed hats enjoying candy; of cutouts of witches surrounded by broomsticks, pumpkins, and dry leaves. This creates a problem in trying to understand witchcraft as a spiritual path. The subject may become either too frightening or too silly to consider. You may be surprised to discover that witchcraft is often quite a bit more sophisticated and thoughtful than expected.

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Coven Caelestes Feles clergy offer a wide range of spiritual and life-event services.

Spiritual Services

Select items below for information on these services. If you would like consultation for other needs, or guidance on the Wiccan path, please contact us using the form on the Contact page to discuss details and your specific needs.

Healing & Reiki
Healing & Reiki

There are many magickal and shamanic methods to promote healing and recovery. Click for info on Reiki.

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Tarot, Runes, Pendulum, Scrying, and more

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Blessing, Protection, Cleansing

Making you and your home your sanctuary.

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Programming, Deprogramming, Past Life Regression

Life-Event Services

Select items below for information on these services. If you would like consultation for other needs, or guidance on the Wiccan path, please contact us using the form on the Contact page to discuss details and your specific needs.

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Crossing the Veil

About Our Services

Privacy Policy

Some of our clergy and members prefer to keep their religious affiliation private and do not wish to be photographed, videoed, or posted online in any way. Please let us know about your plans on this issue to discuss possibilities and a solution.

Service Costs and Travel

Spiritual services are $40 per hour, including travel time if involved.

Life-event services entail a $150 hearthstone fee for non-Black Forest clients. This fee covers the High Priestess and Priest, other clergy as required, and the use of ritual items, if not provided by the clients. The fee may vary depending on any special circumstances. Any travel expense would also be the clients' responsibility, and should be arranged and paid for in advance.

Working with Other Faiths

We are happy to work with clergy of other faiths to serve in your interfaith ceremony. There are some special considerations that we will discuss in order to create a harmonious and successful ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions and answers about Caelestes Feles and Black Forest Clan. Please contact us using the form on the Contact page if you have further questions.

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