Coven Caelestes Feles

Celtic & Germanic Wicca

Graduate Clergy of Sacred Order of the Black Forest Seminary

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About Caelestes Feles

Our Mission: Coven Caelestes Feles' mission and reach is currently evolving.

When we meet

Our local, in-person meeting is yet to be determined as we establish in the Big Country Area of Texas.

Wheel of the Year

About Witchcraft

(This article has been edited for this site; to read the complete article with citations and sources: click here)

Human history has created some wild ideas that still persist about witchcraft, and witches in general. One extreme imagines dark, secret rituals with sinister intent, curses being cast on the unwary designed to bring about their undoing. The opposite extreme draws witches as caricatures, with images of children dressed in their pointed hats enjoying candy; of cutouts of witches surrounded by broomsticks, pumpkins, and dry leaves. This creates a problem in trying to understand witchcraft as a spiritual path. The subject may become either too frightening or too silly to consider. You may be surprised to discover that witchcraft is often quite a bit more sophisticated and thoughtful than expected.

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Myckal Cattus
High Priest
Big Country Area